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    News Flash

    Join me at the Library of Congress

    Come to the U.S. Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., and
    enjoy poems by three Florida poets. “Florida Poets Arrive” will
    feature Dorothy K. Fletcher, Rize Cole, and me as part of the
    LOC Poetry at Noon series. We’ll read poems about the
    Sunshine State from 12 noon until 12:45 p.m. at the Mary
    Pickford Theatre, 3rd Floor, James Madison Building (101
    Independence Avenue, S.E.). The program is free and open to
    the public. We plan to have a good time and if you’re in the
    district, come and see us!
      Many thanks to the Florida Times Union and Mandarin
    Newsline for the great writeups in print about our event.

    Stay on top of poetry news

    Read my online biweekly column for The Writer. “Poetry Beat”
    focuses on news, personalities, and poetry warriors. The
    column is premium content; you must be a subscriber to read
    it. We’ve featured poets like Lee Slominsky (Pythagoras in Love;
    Orchises) whose stellar sonnets are included in mystery
    novelist Carol Goodman’s extraordinary books. Goodman’s
    next novel is slated for release in early 2007. I highly
    recommend The Sonnet Lover, forthcoming from Ballentine,
    and all her other novels too.  Last week’s column focused on
    the stoic Christine Potter who keeps the poets at Gazebo civil
    and whose new book Zero Degrees at First Light (David
    Roberts Books) has just been released. All the books would
    make a lovely holiday gift for any reader.
      Next up is a column revealing how poet-bloggers reach
    readers (and themselves) with the format we call a Weblog.
      Post your story tips on the forum. If you know a poet you’d like
    to see featured, or are doing something out of the ordinary, tell

    Around the 2007 corner, join me again

    Join Dorothy K. Fletcher and me for Poetry in the Park Saturday,
    January 13, 2007 at 10:30 a.m. Mandarin Museum and
    Historical Society is hosting the program at Walter Jones
    Historical Park, 11964 Mandarin Road in Jacksonville. We’ll
    share our experiences from the LOC reading and toss out
    some of the poems read there.

    Email stacked again

    I can be slow to answer email. Because I’m a self-employed
    writer, I have to triage all those messages every day. If your
    email is not related to a current event or editorial project, it may
    be awhile before I can answer it.
      If you’re an aspiring writer, however, there is an abundance of
    helpful information at my sites Creative Writer and at Bookbeat.
My greatest poetry patron, subject of many of my
verses, and I at a dinner celebrating our younger
daughter's ACT scores.