An unexpected move to Florida.
A dozen baby hamsters.
A 12-year-old daughter with stomach
pains that won't go away.

What's a mother to do?

Join Kay Day in a journey that begins
in her newly restored home in South Carolina
and ends in a Florida home
purchased on the Internet.

Learn how she researched her daughter's illness,
realizing she had to become an advocate if her daughter
was to heal. Follow the tale of a family caught in post
9-11 turmoil, and see how the family reunited after a
separation that stretched to almost 24 months.

According to distinguished critic Dr. Alma Bond, "Killing
Earl is an interesting & sometimes humorous memoir. It
gives practical advice about navigating today's medical
establishment, as well as useful Internet links & tips for
patient advocates."

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2nd place, FSA Letters Competition, 2005 National
League of American Pen Women
Category: Published Books  
Best Poetry Book, 2004,
Florida Writers Association

Finalist, USA Best Books 2004

Nominee for Best Poetry Book, 2005
Southeastern Booksellers' Association

"Unlike chapbooks or volumes of poetry where the poetry
begins and ends with the poem, Kay Day's Poetry Break
is a celebration of the literary form."
—Joyce Dixon, Editor, Southern Scribe

"Original, entertaining, at times inspirational, the little
volume of memorable poetry is very highly
—Midwest Book Review

Lots of fine poems.  I liked a great many—the sonnets at
the book's start, like "The Reading Lesson," and the
other poems afterwards, all of them well made, well
crafted.  "Dear G.", which was I believe the first I read and
that remains on a second and third reading particularly
fine...."Genealogy" and " At Fifteen,"...just a few that struck
me.  Day tells her stories well, vividly, always coherently—
and there is a lovely sanity and goodheartedness that
emerges in poem after poem.
—Steve Kowit, author of In the Palm of Your Hand*

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Kay B. Day
freelance correspondent, author, speaker