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Kay B. Day
Journalist, Author, Speaker

Welcome to my official pages.

    I provide content to newspapers, magazines and Web sites. I
    also write for trade organizations and not-for-profit groups.
    Contact me to discuss your writing needs. My wire service work
    enables me to write about a wide variety of topics.
    Nonfiction topics and subjects include:

  • lifestyle features,
  • profiles
  • informational features
  • essays
  • reviews
  • manuals for state agencies
  • a healthcare magazine editorship
  • newsletters for trade organizations and nonprofits
  • a nonfiction book about recurrent abdominal pain.

    Subjects I've covered are diverse. I've written natural history
    articles about endangered species like the Peregrine Falcon,
    and I've done humorous essays on a backyard chicken. Other
    articles cover medications used to treat AIDS, and a family from
    Afghanistan who settled in Northeast Florida.

    My work appears in newspapers, magazines, and on Net sites.
    I also write poetry, and I write about poetry. My latest collection
    won several awards. I currently write a biweekly column on
    poetry for The Writer online, and a monthly column for Family
    Security Matters.

    I hope you enjoy visiting my site. If you have freelance needs,
    please contact me. (Author photo by Michael Glinski)

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